Tag Audio Loops

Street art + Sound Art = Tag Audio Loops.

Tag Audio Loops are soundscape recordings modified by the presence of a boombox, a radio or a wireless speaker, placed in a chosen space, that broadcast a prepared sample or musical loop. A photo is taken of the process and a recording is made.

This is site a specific aural grafitti project that started in 2012. Just as a graffiti artist signs his territory with a tag, Jean-Philippe marks locations both acoustically and photographically, momentarily transforming the sonic imprint of the terrain.

Since then, the Tag Audio Loops permit ongoing audio and photographic dialogues with the cities, the places we travel through —London, Berlin, Paris, Brighton, Florence, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Cork, Venise, to name few, and, of course, the people who live there. pdf

Listing Tag Audio Loops 2012 – 2016

Selected for the Marl Media Art exhibition 2014, Tag Audio Loops was presented as a looped slideshow displayed via four Barco monitors with headphones (see photo gallery below). New exhibition 2016 : Ausland-Berlin, october the 29th.

Tag Audio Loops is also an online tumblr archive and a Facebook page that is updated each week.

Here is an article in French by Annick Rivoire of Poptronics on the making of a tag.

fiche projet en français : Tag Audio Loops fiche simple-F

See some Tag Audio Loops locations in the gallery below, plus the four Barco monitors installation at Marl Sculpture Museum.