DinahBird is a sound and radio artist living and working in Paris and London. Her practice includes broadcasts, soundworks, installations and audio publications that are often inspired by early transmission technologies and archives. Her current interests include old weather, dead media, aeronautics, and high frequency trading. Recent commissions include A.V.I.O.N, a radio installation inspired by the world of aeronautics and Take Flight, a composed soundscape starring planes, drones and frequencies made with Jean-Philippe Renoult for ABC Australia’s Creative Audio Unit. Works have been produced for BBCRadio4 and 3, France Culture’s Atelier de Création Radiophonique, Resonance FM, Kunst Radio, Arteradio, through the Radia network, and have been presented at radio festivals in over twenty-five countries around the world. In 2011 she was awarded the Prix Luc Ferrari.
A copy of her radio record  A Box of 78s has been on an eighteen month journey around the world being passed from radio station to radio station in a sort of relay race – but slower, and without any other competitors. It is currently in transit somewhere between Serbia and Israel.

DinahBird, artiste sonore. Elle réalise des programmes radiophoniques, des créations sonore, des bandes originales de films et des installations. Ses récents travaux incluent : Dakar Morning Birds, un dispositifs radio qui transpose le choeur de l’aube de la capitale sénégalaise jusqu’au nord de Paris, et Topographie Nocturne pour lequel elle a gagné le Prix Luc Ferrari 2011 (la Muse en Circuit). En 2014 elle publie, A Box of 78s, une oeuvre sonore vinyle sur Gruenrekorder. Son oeuvre est diffusée dans des festivals et sur des radios dans plus de 25 pays dans le monde. Elle s’est également produite au Centre Pompidou, au Palais de Tokyo à Paris. Elle conçoit pour le Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris des ateliers de création sonores en correspondance avec les expositions.