Motto for our Spring and Summer : 'Draw a Straight Line. Follow It' (La Monte Young).

# In May we made it to the wonderful Wave Farm in Upper State New York for a residency where we played with different approaches to broadcasting the great outdoors.
# We were awarded a grant by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) to continue our research into the world of HFT (High frequency trading) and its use of radio waves and transmission towers.
# We also celebrated the arrival of the 6.600 km long new transatlantic fibre optic cable owned by Microsoft and Facebook that links the US to Europe and beyond on a beach near Bilbao.
# Autumn will be dedicated to editing the many images and sounds we have collected, and preparing a new term of sound art lectures and workshops at the University of Amiens.

Shruti Loops 2.0

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Jean-Philippe performs ‘Composition 1960 #7’ by La Monte Young for the exhibition PERFORMANCE ARCHITECTURE, April 2018, by the students of « Art Media Environnement » at l’ESADHaR (Le Havre/Rouen Art and Design School)

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