# Two albums out now : The " Gold Lines " cassette and " I Receive You " sonic postcards, featuring our various antenna works of the past few years, on the Gruenrekorder record label.

# JP (aka JPRRR) is exploring the world of SW radio interferences with varispeed cassettes players for his new " Unfrequented Frequencies " live performance.

# JP is working on sound art lectures and workshops at the University of the Arts, Amiens.
And is busily exploring the little known synthesiser for kids, the Gmebogosse.

# Dinah continues to work with the Baschet educational instrumentarium at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. And research the stuff with which early records were made.

I Receive You sonic postcards

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One of the two new releases on Gruenrekorder.

I Receive You – A series of four 14x14cm postcards, offset print on 350g smooth art paper.

A series of postcard and sounds that document the material culture of radio, recorded in St Aoustrille, France, Summer 2022.
These photos are a memorial to the radio pylon, both past and present. Each postcard refers to a sound piece on the downloadable album I Receive You.