Radio Art Zone book

Edited by: Sarah Washington.
Graphic Design: Lloyd Dunn

A 236 page book on radio that includes -Birth of a Signal is also part of the seminal Radio Art Zone book – edited by Sarah Washington- that explores the central themes and techniques of artist-made radio, emerging from over 20 years of practice by a multitude of artists in the field.  Interspersed with newly commissioned works ranging from micro-essays and texts on radio form, practice and poetics, to radio plays and illustrations, it is full of unique images which allow the imagination to expand outward into radio space.

Birth of a Signal is a 22 hour radio programme that takes a sideways look at the history of les grandes ondes in France, a Radio Art Zone commission, for European Capital of Culture Esch2022. Incorporating personal archives, field recordings, mechanical murmurings, electro-magnetics, technical logs, short wave scans, generative sounds and interviews we  follow the Birth of a Signal, from microphone to receiver.
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