Soundworks – For Those Who Have Ears | Book & Audio CD. 2004

Full colour publication from Art Trail : includes 25 track Audio CD : Edited by Julie Forrester & Danny McCarthy, co-curated by Harry Moore and Niamh Lawlor.

On the CD:
1 Old Roses and Old Ramblers, Dinahbird

2 Duet – Fergal Dowling & Linda Buckley

3 Wind Dockyards inverse, Harry Moore

4 I’m not ambitious, Joven Kerekes

5 Carpark, Lee Welch

6 Sound Barrier, Maia Urstad

7 Superstar, Tom Ryan

8 Flows and Levels, David Chapman

9 Office Max Track, Janek Schaefer

10 Hospital Radio, Richard Crow

11 Kindje, Mick O’Shea

12 Commentary, Slavek Kwi

13 Double Bass Hunter, Jopo Stereo (aka JP Renoult)

14 (Re)Locating The Soundscape, Danny McCarthy

15 Computer Sex, Jennifer Youell

16 Reheat, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

17, Denis McNulty

18 TraPlaHoly 1, Julie Forrester

19 Are we alone (extract), Jane Anderson

20 Keen-Caoineadh, Aine Philips

21 SoundCities_cork, Stanza

22 Shadow-walks: Conal Creedon, Viv Corringham

23 Craoghaca, Sean Taylor

24 Zoid versus Lyra, Morgan the Bouncer (K.O’Brien & G ua Laoghaire)

25 Steinfels (extract), Charlotte Hug
Audio Editor – Danny McCarthy Press voices: « The book opens the lid on a multitude of possibilities, breaking down a lot of the mystique that attaches itself to sound art, as well as presenting some stimulating essays on sound, noise (as distinct from sound) and a startling view concerning the artistic possibilities of hospital radio… It is also remarkable how visually stimulating the book is thanks to many of the artist’s including a selection of illustrations and images to go with their pieces ».