A radio opera for live, streamed and recorded sounds.

This ‘radiopera’ is an ongoing participative network performance with Jérôme Joy, Kaffe Matthews, Gregory Whitehead, Emmanuelle Gibello, Björn Eriksson, Caroline Bouissou and DinahBird witch began in 2007.

Based on a mix of field recordings, spoken performances & electroacoustic improvisation in a networked playing configuration, SOBRALASOLAS! does not have preestablished scenario, nor is there a story to be told. It is neither a documentary nor a radio testimony. It is a place for glossolalies and echolalias.

SOBRALASOLAS! intercuts collected and improvised sounds with the aim of recreating a new listening environment that is both fictional and real, time-specific and site-specific. SOBRALASOLAS! aims to condense and slow down the process of listening and, by extension, our way of grasping surroundings in everyday life.

SOBRALASOLAS! Episode 1 is edited as a CD on Ohm Avatar (2009)
It has been played at Festival Indisciplinés Sonores (Nice), Expo Festival (Brighton, Uk), FreeRadioSAIC (Chicago, USA), Härnösand (Sweden), and for Radio Creation Day (FR) 2009.

SOBRALASOLAS! Episode 2 was commissioned by Deutschland RadioKultur and was broadcast at Ohrenstrand Berlin for Art’s Birthday 2010.