Hearing Ghosts.

An empty hotel room resonates with the sounds of it's previous occupants. An exhibition presented by Pureprescence and curated by Jean-Philippe F. Roux. 2008

Hearing Ghosts is an exhibition organised by Purepresence and curated by Jean-Philippe f. Roux at the Maison Rouge in Paris from 14-18th May 2008. The artists involved were asked to produce an audio piece which could be played through the furniture of the fake hotel suite.

With : Brandon LaBelleJean-Baptiste Thiebaut, Luc KerléoAndy Wheddon, Jenny Pickett, DinahbirdJulien OttaviBrice Jeannin, Yvan EtiennePhilippe F. RouxJean-Philippe Renoult.

Picture on Picassa by Philippe F. Roux.

Maison Rouge, vintage design, Hearing Ghosts, sound installation