JRM – le Jardin de Recherches Musicales

Yearly open air radio art festival on Paris' petite ceinture railway.

The J.R.M. (Jardin de Recherches Musicales) is a yearly mini FM festival that began in 2014. An afternoon of sun, sonic experimentation, field recordings, and performances on the disused little belt railway that goes all the way round Paris.

2015: Softday (Mikael Fernstrom et Sean Taylor), Rodolphe Alexis, Docteur Naud, Ocean Viva Silver (Valerie Vivancos), the Sweet Tribology chocolate record project curated by Julia Drouhin.

The 2016 edition took place under a sky of Summer sun and included many delights and specially composed audio works including a singing salad, a shruti box on loops, an animal quiz and performances by two escapees from post Brexit Britain. Many thanks to : La Cosa Preziosa, Claudia Wegener, Marie Lisel, Aline Pénitot, Max Ripple, Alma Tischler Wood, Rodolphe Alexis, Fabrice Naud, Radio Cegeste aka Sally Ann McIntyre, Ocean Viva Silver, Alan Dunn, Julie Rousse, Sophie Couronne, Isabelle Stragliati, Gabi Schaffner, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Cyril Lepetit and Korinna McRobert.

The 2018 edition was another scorcher… we played works from our sister garden radio Datscha Radio , learnt all about the JRM tools by DR Naud, listened to readings on nature by Luciole Naud and Maella Mickaelle, and were treated to wonderful a performances by Jean-Philippe Renoult, Rodolphe Alexis, Ocean Viva Silver and Meryll Ampe,

2019 : Perhaps the most ambitious edition to date with hot-off-the-press field recordings by Rodolphe Alexis, a rocky ride over the waves by Feral Bands (Pali Mersault and Nicolas Montgermont), the ocean sounds of Aline PenitotClaire Serres and her golden mike, a chance to take a look at rare instruments with Emmanuel Rébus, a first time collaboration between the Tasmanian artist Dexter Rosengrave, Michal Mitro and Julia Drouhin, the minatures by Floriane Pochon, the found sounds of Marc Plas, the home grown drones of the Shruti Box Minimal Ensemble (Jean-Philippe Renoult and Moshé O’Grady). An improvised radio creation from the vineyards of Moselle in Germany by Mobile Radio and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos, a jam making session live from her Berlin allotment by Gabi Schaffner. And last but not least the violin and modified theremin of Doctor No  and the metallic ambient landscapes of Ocean Viva Silver.

Thanks as ever to our hosts Les Jardins du Ruisseau and the wonderful artists who take part every year.


Here you can see some images of the JRM from 2014-2019.

One of the many radios disseminated on the Paris 'Petite Ceinture' railway.