I Took You There.

A soundscape radio creation inspired by trains.

I Took You There is inspired by trains… the trains and the stations of Europe that I have been through and recorded over the past few years… the trains of my youth that thundered past my bedroom window, and the imaginary trains or ‘ghost trains’ that Blaise Cendrars evokes in the ‘Prose of the Trans-Siberian’.

I Took You There could be interpreted as a journey where reality intertwines with fiction. It begins with a story. Blaise Cendrars is caught out by a journalist who claims he has never set foot upon the infamous train, let alone undertaken the journey. He answers calmly , « But Madame, I took you there »

Just like Cendrars’ prose the soundscape is fiction, not a document of real life.

Jean-Philippe Renoult. October 2008
for Kunst Radio ‘curated’ by SilenceRadio.

Tag Audio Loop, Love train, Steam train