A State of Slumber

A snorecast...

An eleven hour non stop international sonic survey of snores, grunts, dribbling and whatever else we do as we slumber the night away. Recorded all over the world, from Paris to Tasmania, Copenhagen to Italy, and broadcast during the Sao Paolo’s Biennale 2012.

A State of Slumber is the first edition of the world snorescape project, a snorecast compiled and edited by DinahBird.
It produced for Knut Auferman and Sarah Washington’s Mobile Radio Sao Paolo, a three month radio art station created for the 30th São Paulo Biennial, 2012.

It was also adapted as Snoring by Numbers (with JP Renoult) for an installation at the Cork Artists Collective Guesthouse (Ireland) in september 2013 and broadcast as a part of Mobile Radio’s Dubbelradio, a 24 hour two-frequency festival, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013,  Anna Friz‘s the City at Night transmission project for Radio Cona and features as a part of her mix exploring the environment, morphology and taxonomy of the little people inside the radio for Radio Macba.

Thanks to the sleeping souls who took part in the first ever (to my knowledge) snorescape : Valérie Vivancos, Julia Drouhin, Ward Weis, Etienne Noiseau, Carlo Giordani, JP Renoult, Rodolphe Alexis and Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski.