Popsonics Radio : Radio Creation Ephémère.

A temporary web radio broadcast in conjunction with Poptronics, the French platform for electronic culture and media.

Since Popsonic Radio’s humble beginnings in July 2009 (Citysonics, Belgium) we have been invited by Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris, Sonor Festival, Nantes and Parisonic, Paris to set up temporaray web radios ranging from three hour performances, to 5 day round the clock radio. You can hear the podcasts from all these live events on the Popsonics page, and download performances by Ottoanna, Thomas Tilly Tô, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Christian Zanesi, Julia Drouhin, Carl Y, Xavier Gautier and DinahBird + Anne Laplantine‘s wonderful jingles.

And of course you have the chance to brush up on your French !

popsonics radio mons, Toffe, pixel art