I Married a Dead Ice Cream

Spoken words + fridges hums and noises = delicious ice cream.

I MARRIED A DEAD ICE CREAM is a one day radio art event curated by Julia Drouhin (18th of May 2014 ) in and produced by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón, Spain) as a part of Spectrum (LABo-ratorio de sonido FM radio).

Twenty four artists from around the world are invited to respond to the theme. Their works were broadcast from a multicoloured mobile ice cream stand. Our contribution is an Ode to Dead Ice Creams. it begins likes this :

R.I.P. Rhubarb Sorbet with Swiss Mocha Chips and Blueberry Soldiers
R.I.P. Cinnamon Apple Flavored Ice Cream with Pigeon Pie
R.I.P. Mint Flavored Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips and blue tongues
R.I.P. Banana Flavored Ice Cream with congealed rabbit droppings

Here is the audio version :