CWCH Collective

Worker-artists convene a hive broadcast of indiscriminately gathered sound-pollen, transmitting codified messages to kindred folk.

Each week a potent gang of sound artists are at play, exploring whatever is on their minds.

Style guide: Anything goes.

Produced by Mobile Radio with support from π-node.

Each node streams live via the π-node  homepage. Sarah Washington then craftily mixes us all and sends the complete live stream to our broadcast partners. Due to inevitable online delays of 10-20 seconds, all participant artists are hearing a delayed version of the group mix as they play together, effectively improvising with an as-yet unheard future.

CWCH collective shows go out live on Resonance Extra, π-node on DAB and WGXC (Wavefarm),Radio Ara, JET FM & Soundart Radio on FM.

With Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington Ürzig, Xentos Fray Bentos Broughton, Frauke Berg Düsseldorf, Katharina Bihler & Stefan Scheib Saarbrücken, DinahBird Paris, dieb13 & Billy Roisz Vienna, Anna Friz Santa Cruz, Ralf Schreiber Cologne.

Edition 2 – Oil & Vinegar (16th April 2020)

Edition 3 – Wormhole Variations (16th April 2020)

Edition 4 – Transcendental Trepidation (30th April 2020)

Edition 5 – Mission Compossible (7th May 2020)

Edition 6 – Weltschmerz Heimat  (14th May 2020) (with special guest Felix Kubin)