2018 begins with broadcasts : Jean-Philippe's binaural fablab opera, commissioned by Kunstradio, the wonderful and long standing programme for radio experimentation, based at the ORF in Vienna; and Sisters Akousmatica's XYL sound walk for MOFO in Tasmania, who have invited DinahBird, amongst others, to produce a piece for their 13 km transmission tour…

We are in the midst of preparing the soundtrack to the artist collective HeHe's lastest work "Absynth", due to be unveiled in Spring, and will be continuing our research and documentation of microwave antennas, with a short trip to Dunkerque in April.

… Plus we have started teaching a new sound art course for undergraduate art students at the University of Amiens.

Radio Space is the most definitely The Place.

Shruti Loops 2.0

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Jean-Philippe performs at the ZKM in November 2017 where he played a tribute to La Monte Young on one of the best sound systems in Europe. Organised by the Stiftung CCFA Karlsruhe as a part of the Liaisons Festival.

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