Gold Lines cassette album

Screen printed cassette (+ digital download) out now on Gruenrekorder.

Super High Frequency radio waves, signal noise and field recording we have recorded at the base of antennas between Chicago and New York, London and Frankfurt are the core material of this cassette album, out now on Gruenrekorder.

High-frequency trading (HFT) uses complex algorithms to analyse multiple markets and execute orders. In trading vocabulary a signal is a pattern of data that influences these algorithms, inciting them to buy or sell shares or cancel an order. In this business each microsecond is crucial, so finding the fastest and most direct paths between the main exchanges is essential. To transmit this data faster than a blink of an eye, an almost forgotten and surprisingly fast technology is used, radio waves. Since 2016 we have been mapping these radio routes by finding the pylons, frequencies and relay links that transmit HFT data back and forth, in loops that cover the Earth. We are particularly interested in the materiality of speed, looking at how digitalisation results in multiple temporalities; different rhythms and paces of everyday life.

These sounds have been used in various Antenna Gods lectures, performances, exhibitions, installations : Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2022, ESS Chicago 2021. Shaping the æther, Espace Multimédia Gantner 2021. Make Me A Signal, Linz 2021. Biennale de l’Image Possible 2020, Liege. The Great Offshore, Les Tanneries 2020. Inaudible Matters 2019 Gaité Lyrique Paris. The Straight Line generative composition.

Gold Lines is part of the composite project Antenna Gods.

Recordings : DinahBird
Edits : DinahBird, Jean-Philippe Renoult
Mix : Jean-Philippe Renoult

Mastering : Djipi Inc
Graphic & Design : Coraline Janvier & Lea Tortay

Reviews :

Textura- Canada

Imagine Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity stripped of musical numbers and re-presented as a release featuring its abstract sound collages only and you’ll have some sense of the zone Bird and Renoult are operating within, even if their project takes the concept to a further extreme. »