Belju Soundbridge

The BELJU SOUNDBRIDGE online edition brings together 15 sound works by artists who have been participating in the Belju Soundbridge project, at the French-Swiss border in 2009.

Combining on location installations, sonic interventions and online creation, the ‘Belju’ project aimed to examine the border regions of the Canton du Jura in Switzerland and the Territoire de Belfort in France, through various ways of listening, recording and playing back.

During short-time residencies set at various location in the Belju area, each artist was invited to wander in that territory and to document aspects of the experience of the border in his/her own way. Listening to these carefully modeled soundscapes, other kind of borders appear as well: the ones between nature and man-made, country and city, knowledge and feeling, figuration and abstraction.

Bird & Renoult, One Track Platform

The Belju Edition was set online on september 1st, 2013 by Universinternational, on the last day of the exhibition ‘Paysage(s)’ at the Musée Jurassien des Arts de Moutier (CH). It was completed by the publication of series of posters created on letterpress by Gilles Lepore and Stéphane Montavon, with the collaboration of Romain Crelier.

Artists: Gilles Aubry, Dinah Bird, Eric Cordier, Helena Gough, pali meursault, Stéphane Montavon, Michael Northam, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Duncan Whitley and Carl Y.

Pont Sonore Belju / Belju Soundbridge