Curated playlists 2011.

We’ve been asked by WebSynRadio in 2011 a playlist which would plundered the UbuWeb archives, our personal records collection and sound collages of our own.

For February 17th to 24th, Jean-Philippe dreamed that playlist like a radio programm, with its speaks, its interviews, its jingles, its music selection and even a DJ mix… well, almost! with : Marcel Broodthaers, Liliane Bettencourt, Anne Laplantine, Moondog, Suicide, James Tenney, André Popp… and more.

For September 8th to 15th, Dinah proposed her personal vision of this playlist exercice. with : Robert Ashley, Delia Derbyshire, The Tape Beatles, Gregory Whitehead, Xavier Gautier… and many more.

pipe, camera, Marcel Broodthaers
Marcel Broodthaers : Musée d'Art Moderne, département des aigles