Surface Bruit

Dinah performs with her home-made records and un-cut 78s.

Surface Bruit is not the type of sound we usually try to reproduce.
Using low-grade home-made 7″ records, a Teppaz record player, and forgotten elements of her growing collection of 78s Dinah presented her on-going research into surface noise and shellac production at le Mans Sonore 2022. The performance is the first step in mapping the Green Disc Network in sound.  Thanks to a grant from the Institut Français in October 2022 she will go on a two month residency to India to document shellac production from an eco-sonic point of view. She will attempt to record the lac insects and the different cultivation and production processes with a view to making a series of records using shellac… .In the meantime you can hear an extract of le Mans Sonore performance here :