Natures Construites

A document of urban renewal

The City is a force of  nature in its own right, constantly reshaping and reinventing itself, struggling to shake off a century old skin of concrete, iron and asphalt that it has outgrown. The transformation of the Boulevard Barbès is one of the waves of works sweeping the north of Paris, urban regeneration sparked by a growing sensitivity to the environment.

There are five Natures in Construction:
EarthWorks: machines pierce and tear the earth; TarWorks: hot bitumen; StoneWorks: the weight and hardness of masonry; WoodWorks: urban trees are shorn; PublicWorks; layers of urban life printed on the pavement.

5 digital films (Total 17’ 03) by Cleary Connolly.
Sound : DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult 2007.

Produced with support from the Département de l’Art dans la Ville (Mairie de Paris) and the Mairie du XVIIIe Paris.